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Students are tardy if they are not in their classroom when the bell rings. Tardiness is recorded on attendance reports and reported on the students’ report cards. Three tardies or early check out will be equal to (1) unexcused absence in individual classes each Semester.

State Attendance Requirements

High  school  students,  grades  9  through  12,  must  attend  classes  at  least  89%  of  the  time  without  valid  excuse  as  provided  by  Oklahoma  law  to  receive  credit  in  any  course  in  which  they  are  enrolled.  Therefore,  even  if  a  student  has  an  academic  average  of  60%  or  better  in  a  class,  he/she  will  not  receive  credit  for  that  class  if  his/her  attendance  is less than 89% without valid excuse as provided by Oklahoma law for the semester. 

Report an Absence:

Please try to schedule appointments outside of the school day.